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MINETEK’s flexibility to adapt our engineering capabilities and industrial wastewater treatment solutions to meet the most challenging operating environments in the world is stemmed from deep-domain experience and the backing of a highly-skilled team

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Acid Mine Drainage

Effective management of the outflow of toxic acid water is critical in any minerals processing operation. MINTEK WATER offer a sustainable solution to remove leachates and sulphidic mine wastes from contaminated groundwater via the evaporation process.
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Ash Pond Dewatering

Discover our cost-effective evaporation solutions to support the sustainable, regulatory compliant management of ash pond pond water
chemical plant wastewater icon

Chemical Plant Wastewater

Manage industrial water by-products efficiently and effectively
emergency response icon

Emergency Response

Rely on MINETEK's water evaporation experience to reduce the impacts and expedite recovery from unplanned water management incidents.
emission control icon

Emission Control

MINETEK has developed an extensive range of emission and pollution control devices to enable industrial operators to meet and exceed regulatory requirements
industrial wastewater solutions icon

Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Industry the world over has increased its focus on the long-term, sustainable management of one of our most precious resources, water.
landfill leachate water management icon

Landfill Leachate Water Management

Find out more about our approach to groundwater control in landfill settings.
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Landfill Water Management

Effective management of landfill sites presents a range of challenges for operators with a key priority being the ability to ensure the site and its surrounds address short and long term environmental impacts.
legacy mine closure icon

Legacy Mine Closure

Read about our long-term water management solutions for sites no longer operating
mine water management icon

Mine Water Management

Explore our all-weather capabilities to effectively manage excess groundwater, process and produced water and enable operators to control water circuits in minerals processing applications.
pit dewatering icon

Pit Dewatering

Effectively manage mine to access recoverable resources in the toughest conditions to keep your mine operational while meeting regulatory requirements.
power generation water management icon

Power Generation Water Management

Discover our cost-effective evaporation solutions to support the sustainable, regulatory compliant management of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) in site pond water.
process produced water disposal icon

Process Produced Water Disposal

Explore our expert solutions for managing process & produced water.
produced water disposal icon

Produced Water Disposal

MINETEK WATER offer a full range of solutions for mining including mine dewatering, tailings water recovery, acid mine drainage as well as a complete Environmental Management Solution (EMS) for automated and integrated control. We are global leaders in the development of legacy site management & mine closure programmes enabling operators to effectively remediate mining environments past their operating lives.
pulp paper water management icon

Pulp Paper Water Management

Managing water used for mill process water (MWP) and cooling water requires special attention because of the total amount needed by a mill and its dependence on weather -particularly rainfall.
saline water solutions icon

Saline Water Solutions

Brine is formed in the mining process when brackish groundwater comes into contact with either surface water or sea water. The result is a highly saline by-product which cannot be released back into the environment due to high levels of contaminants and Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS).
tailings water management icon

Tailings Water Management

Our turn-key mechanical evaporation solutions are proven to help deliver safe, reliable management of mine affected water in tailings dam operations around the world. Explore our capabilities to manage water and allow operators to effectively reduce costs and manage risk.
total site water balance management icon

Total Site Water Balance Management

MINETEK offers a broad range of products and services to help industrial leaders achieve total site water balance management; from short-term emergency response through to long-term sustainability focused initiatives.
wastewater treatment solutions icon

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Mine water (or mining wastewater) refers to the groundwater that is extracted from mining activities. Mining wastewater not only contains heavy metal and mineral, but also is toxic because of mining process. This wastewater needs to be treated before discharged back to nature or underground water mining on mining sites.

After investigating a raft of different methods from sprinkler systems through to desalination systems (too costly for little benefit) we decided on the MINETEK WATER units. The evaporators were easy to install and once activated ran trouble free. We were very happy with the service from MINETEK and the reliability of the system.

OCE Glencore Collinsville Superintendent

We are always looking at new innovations and technologies that will benefit both us and our clients. Minetek has been able to display that with the use of their modern ventilation technology, where we can look to see production increases through faster re-entry times and reduced capital costs in the total life of the development, delivering value to both us and Mincor.

Pit N Portal CEO

MINETEK understand our business, and our requirements, and always display a solid commitment to meeting our goals. We enjoy an open and honest business relationship, and we consider ours to be a lifelong partnership.

Liebherr Australia Mining Manager

The ability to deliver equipment on time has been a feature of our dealing and we haven't had a situation where a variation has been requested. The quality of their workmanship has been good and the capability of hardware has been as expected or better than quoted”

CS Energy Kogan Creek Power Station Services Superintendent

Our evaporators are still performing flawlessly and working absolutely great. They have been running 24/7 without a single hiccup. Thanks again!”

Klondex Mines Process Maintenance Planning Manager
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