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Industrial Mechanical Evaporators


Coal ash pond dewatering solutions.


The need for ash pond dewatering and pond water storage infrastructure is growing as the world shifts away from coal-fired power stations to focus on alternative energy solutions. Led by new guidelines from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), power utility owners are now aiming to remediate basins with ash pond water and stabilisation of wet ash the priority.

Ash pond dewatering is a process used in the mining industry to manage and treat the wastewater generated from coal-fired power plants and mining operations. Ash ponds are large containment areas where the waste byproducts, such as coal ash and other pollutants, are stored. These ponds can contain water with high levels of pollutants, and their management is critical to prevent environmental contamination.

Evaporation technology


Minetek's evaporators are a technology developed by the company Minetek for dewatering and treating mining and industrial wastewater, including ash pond water. Evaporation is a standard method for reducing the volume of water in various applications, including wastewater treatment. Minetek's evaporators are designed to accelerate the natural evaporation process by creating controlled conditions that enhance the evaporation rate.Minetek's cost-effective land and floating/pontoon-based water evaporation systems are capable of efficient coal ash drainage, pond water management and removing Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) in the process.

With increasing requirements to sustainably manage excess water discharge and meet strict environmental guidelines and regulatory compliance on ash pond management, our team are expertly placed to partner with power generation clients to design, manufacture and implement a solution to meet your specific needs.

The basic principle behind using evaporators for ash pond dewatering is as follows:

  1. Water Evaporation: The evaporators use heat energy to accelerate water evaporation from the ash pond. Heat is applied to the water, causing it to evaporate and leave behind concentrated pollutants and solids.
  1. Condensation and Collection: The evaporated water vapour is then condensed back into liquid form, leaving behind the concentrated pollutants, salts, and solids. This separation process helps reduce the water volume that needs to be managed and treated.
  2. Treatment of Concentrated Residue: The concentrated residue that remains after evaporation can be further treated to reduce its environmental impact. This might involve solidification, stabilisation, or other appropriate methods to handle and dispose of the remaining waste.
Ash Pond Dewatering Solutions

Evaporation solution for ash pond dewatering

Benefits of using Minetek's evaporators for ash pond dewatering might include:

  • Volume Reduction: Evaporation can significantly reduce the volume of water that needs to be managed and treated, making the disposal process more efficient.
  • Resource Recovery: Depending on the nature of the residues left behind, there might be opportunities for recovering valuable resources from the concentrated waste, such as metals.
  • Environmental Compliance: Proper management and treatment of ash pond water are crucial for meeting environmental regulations and preventing contamination of soil and water bodies.
  • Cost Savings: Effective dewatering and treatment can lead to cost savings in terms of waste disposal and environmental remediation efforts.

It's important to note that the specific implementation and effectiveness of Minetek's evaporators, as well as their suitability for a given ash pond dewatering scenario, would depend on various factors such as the characteristics of the wastewater, the local environmental regulations, and the overall goals of the mining operation. Consulting with experts in wastewater treatment and considering case-specific conditions would be essential when implementing such technologies.


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We have placed some difficult demands upon MINETEK. These demands are never an issue, and are met with the enthusiasm and professionalism we have grown to expect from the MINETEK team.

Liebherr Australia Mining Manager

MINETEK initially provided products for heavy mobile equipment noise abatement at the New Acland Mine. These installations have been very successful and prompted the contracting of MINETEK to conduct a full mobile fleet and fixed plant noise monitoring assessment at the Acland mine site.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent

Our evaporators are still performing flawlessly and working absolutely great. They have been running 24/7 without a single hiccup. Thanks again!”

Klondex Mines Process Maintenance Planning Manager

It was completed with no incidents or injuries, with no delays, and ahead of schedule. The plan was for 10 shifts, and it was completed in 7 shifts.

Northern Goldfields Mining Manager

MINETEK have been instrumental in the design of products used on our mining equipment. Our engagement with them is a true business partnership.

Liebherr Australia Mining Manager
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