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Water Evaporator Project


Floating Evaporators

Minetek’s floating wastewater evaporator is designed to process a vast range of varying water qualities and quantities. Minetek's wastewater evaporator is designed using the first principles of fan engineering and airflow to evaporate contaminated water in a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Our wastewater evaporators have the unique ability to vaporise water ranging from pH 2.2 to pH 12, caustic water, acid water, high TDS and TSS, etc. Minetek’s units can evaporate up to 50% of spray volume as pure water vapour, returning the remaining volume of droplets to the feed pond. 

The spiral water fracturing nozzles are designed and engineered to process solids of up to 4.0mm in diameter. Our unique design is a critical factor in longevity, durability, and ultimately, the performance of the wastewater evaporation units. Minetek has built a name by delivering the world’s largest and most cost-effective water evaporator system, with over 300 projects completed across the globe.

With over 250 projects completed across the globe, Minetek Water has built a name by delivering the world's largest and most cost-effective water evaporation system technology, such as the floating evaporator.

Our floating wastewater models include:

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