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Acid Water Pit


Effectively manage acid mine runoff with Minetek's acid mine drainage solutions. 

Water is an essential part of life but can also be a major pollutant. When water flows through active or abandoned mine sites, it can become polluted by the material being mined. Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is the outflow of acidic water as a by-product of mining operations and, in most cases, the highly toxic water has the potential to poison downstream waters and destroy already fragile ecosystems.

Sulfuric acid mine water is produced when water interacts with sulphur-bearing materials in the presence of oxygen and common bacteria. The acidic water formed by this process can dissolve many metals in bioavailable forms, posing a threat to humans and wildlife. If Acid Mine Drainage gets into surface waterways, both the acidity and metal content can produce significant environmental problems over large distances. Acid mine drainage is a serious problem that needs to be addressed in order to protect our waterways and the people and animals that depend on them.

Acid mine drainage environmental impacts

Acid mine drainage (AMD) has profound and far-reaching environmental impacts that cannot be overlooked. Managing this toxic outflow is an intricate challenge that substantial costs have always accompanied. However, its effective handling is absolutely crucial within the context of mineral processing applications. The emergence of leachates and sulphidic mine wastes amplifies the issue's complexity, presenting a formidable dual-threat—commercially and environmentally. Mining operators face the spectre of compromised sustainability and financial viability due to the potential havoc wreaked by these contaminants.

The environmental concern is underscored by the substantial concentrations of sulphate and soluble metals present in acid mine drainage water. Among these metals are copper, cobalt, aluminium, iron, and manganese, each carrying the potential to trigger cascading ecological repercussions. The peril is not confined merely to mining sites; instead, it extends to jeopardise domestic water supplies and intricate ecosystems at large. Such a far-reaching impact underscores the urgent need for industrial leaders to champion long-term and sustainable drainage solutions proactively.

Addressing the environmental fallout of acid mine drainage demands a paradigm shift in how industries approach their responsibilities. The imperative for proactive mitigation measures is irrefutable, as is the call for innovative strategies that protect commercial interests and the intricate balance of ecosystems. The complex interplay between economic exigencies and environmental stewardship necessitates a collaborative effort, uniting stakeholders, policymakers, and scientific communities in the shared mission of curbing the deleterious effects of acid mine drainage.

Effective and sustainable groundwater management of this toxic outflow is traditionally expensive but critical in any minerals processing application, with leachates and sulphidic mine wastes posing a significant commercial and sustainability risk for mining operators. With elevated concentrations of sulphate and soluble metals in acid mine drainage water including copper, cobalt, aluminium, iron and manganese offering the potential to affect domestic water supplies and broader ecosystems, the imperative sits with industrial leaders to implement long-term, sustainable drainage solutions.

Acid mine drainage effects

The effects of acid mine drainage occur when water interacts with sulphide minerals in abandoned or active mining sites, releasing highly acidic and metal-laden runoff. These effects are as follows:

  1. Water contamination.
  2. Ecosystem disruption.
  3. Human health risks.
  4. Infrastructure damage
  5. Economic impact
  6. Long-term legacy
  7. Regulatory and legal consequences
  8. Collateral ecosystem damage
  9. Educational and awareness opportunities
  10. Research and innovation

The effects of acid mine drainage extend well beyond the boundaries of mining sites, touching water resources, ecosystems, human health, and economies. Addressing these effects requires a multifaceted approach that combines responsible mining practices, regulatory oversight, community engagement, and technological advancements to ensure a more sustainable coexistence between industry and the environment.

Acid Mine Drainage Water Evaporation

Acid Mine Drainage

Minetek has developed a cost-effective method to manage acid mine drainage with our wastewater evaporation solutions used by leading miners around the world. Our globally-patented, low-maintenance technology has been built specifically for operation in harsh and corrosive conditions, requires no pre-treatment and has been proven to be more effective than traditional water treatment methods.

With the capability to evaporate water with high levels of Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and pH range as low as 1.8 and as high as 14, Minetek's water evaporation solutions offer versatility and a cost-effective solution to managing Multi-Aquifer Well (MAW).

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Northern Goldfields Mining Manager

After investigating a raft of different methods from sprinkler systems through to desalination systems (too costly for little benefit) we decided on the MINETEK WATER units. The evaporators were easy to install and once activated ran trouble free. We were very happy with the service from MINETEK and the reliability of the system.

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