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With over 30 years of experience in delivering water management projects around the world. MINETEK has developed a range of products and services which enable the cost-effective and environmentally sustainable management of industrial process and produced water. We understand the potential environmental and economic impacts of both planned and unplanned water events and have built extensive capability in both planning and responding to water management challenges across the dewatering industries.

MINETEK WATER has the proven ability to support industries meet a broad array of short and long-term water management challenges; including emergency flood response from heavy rainfall or containment failures through to landfill and site remediation projects Over three decades we have become experts in the processing of any type of water quality including acid water, saline and caustic water, with our evaporation technology capable of a world-leading air to water ratio of 2160: 1. Talk to our team today about your next water management needs. 

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Pulp Paper Water Management

Managing water used for mill process water (MWP) and cooling water requires special attention because of the total amount needed by a mill and its dependence on weather -particularly rainfall.
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Landfill Water Management

Effective management of landfill sites presents a range of challenges for operators with a key priority being the ability to ensure the site and its surrounds address short and long term environmental impacts.
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Food Processing Wastewater

The water used in food industry processing can be categorised into water for cooling, water from washing operations, water in cleaning operations, water and electrical power used during sanitation process (sanitation water), water from cleaning equipment and water treatment chemicals.
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Chemical Plant Wastewater

Manage industrial water by-products efficiently and effectively
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Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Industry the world over has increased its focus on the long-term, sustainable management of one of our most precious resources, water.

The ability to deliver equipment on time has been a feature of our dealing and we haven't had a situation where a variation has been requested. The quality of their workmanship has been good and the capability of hardware has been as expected or better than quoted”

CS Energy Kogan Creek Power Station Services Superintendent

MINETEK provides quality, proven solutions and are established as leading air attenuation specialists.

Glencore International AG Global HME Category Manager

We have utilised MINETEK for a number of sound attenuation projects in the Hunter Valley and have formed an excellent relationship with Glencore over many years. MINETEK understand our industry and always provide a solid and professional commitment to meeting our goals and objectives."

Glencore International AG Global HME Category Manager

MINETEK provide a quality, proven solutions and are established as leading sound attenuation specialists.

Glencore International AG Global HME Category Manager

MINETEK initially provided products for heavy mobile equipment noise abatement at the New Acland Mine. These installations have been very successful and prompted the contracting of MINETEK to conduct a full mobile fleet and fixed plant noise monitoring assessment at the Acland mine site.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent
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