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Minetek offers a broad range of products and services to help industrial leaders achieve total site water balance management; from short-term emergency response through to long-term sustainability focused initiatives. Our deep-domain experience has seen us deliver fully automated, remote controlled water evaporation solutions in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

We have supported the largest mining houses in the world to manage process water and dispose of contaminated brine water, as well as delivered acid mine drainage, pit dewatering and legacy and mine site closure solutions to leading gold, copper, zinc, coal, cobalt and oil sands mines.

Minetek's water evaporators are unmatched in their size and cost-effectiveness, enabling mines, government departments and regulatory bodies meet their objectives. From responding to catastrophic tailings water facility failures through to processing mine affected wastewater, Minetek enables industrial leaders to achieve regulatory compliance as well as delivering long-term environmental sustainability.

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We found the MINETEK WATER team listened and supported our situation with helpful guidance and advice to layout the evaporator pipework maximising their efficiency. I would highly recommend the units to others needing a cost effective solution to excess water.”

Osborne Gold Mine Superintendent Environment

The relatively small fans allowed us to utilise our existing bulkhead, where we were severely limited by space, which allowed us to use our existing infrastructure and dramatically reduce downtime in the mine during the change out. The installation was completed safely... and allows us to scale our ventilation flow with their pressure on demand system to suit our production profile.

Saracen Thunderbox Underground Manager

I have used these evaporators very successfully at mine sites where I have worked in the past. They are an extremely reliable unit and worked above expectations in the environment where we had them set up. As for spray drift/mist this can be controlled by the weather monitoring systems that are available with the units. Additionally, how you set them up and the amount of fall you can achieve allows for more moisture to be stripped from the droplets]will greatly benefit your overall evaporation rates.

Rolleston Coal Operations Manager

MINETEK initially provided products for heavy mobile equipment noise abatement at the New Acland Mine. These installations have been very successful and prompted the contracting of MINETEK to conduct a full mobile fleet and fixed plant noise monitoring assessment at the Acland mine site.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent

Kipoi have successfully utilized MINETEK WATER evaporators on our process water pond to remove mine water and has contributed to help with our water balance. We are currently in the process of moving these units to where the catchment area is larger giving us better utilization of the evaporators.

Tiger Resources Process Superintendent
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