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Nevada Gold Mines

Legacy & Mine Closure

Wyoming Wastewaster Project


Minetek has developed extensive capabilities in supporting mining operators, government departments and regulatory bodies around the world to deliver fast and cost-effective management of water processes within legacy & mine closures.

Our advanced water evaporation systems have enabled industrial leaders to reduce their wastewater liabilities in managing harmful acid water in all types of closed mines, pits and legacy voids, with Minetek supporting the largest global mining houses to dewater sites across the globe.

Minetek's automated technology also enables the remote management of processes in water quality analysis, even when there are limited staff on site. Our unmatched evaporator efficiency has enabled the acceleration of closure projects – shortening timelines, reducing costs and further mitigating wastewater management risks – all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

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We found the MINETEK WATER team listened and supported our situation with helpful guidance and advice to layout the evaporator pipework maximising their efficiency. I would highly recommend the units to others needing a cost effective solution to excess water.”

Osborne Gold Mine Superintendent Environment

Our evaporators are still performing flawlessly and working absolutely great. They have been running 24/7 without a single hiccup. Thanks again!

Klondex Mines Process Maintenance Planning Manager

We are always looking at new innovations and technologies that will benefit both us and our clients. Minetek has been able to display that with the use of their modern ventilation technology, where we can look to see production increases through faster re-entry times and reduced capital costs in the total life of the development, delivering value to both us and Mincor.

Pit N Portal CEO

It was completed with no incidents or injuries, with no delays, and ahead of schedule. The plan was for 10 shifts, and it was completed in 7 shifts.

Northern Goldfields Mining Manager

MINETEK will continue to be a favoured technical resource and supplier to the New Hope Group and are recommended as a professional, respected and competent supplier of technical services, equipment and products for noise abatement and other industrial products.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent
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