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Minetek has developed extensive capabilities in supporting mining operators, government departments and regulatory bodies around the world to deliver fast and cost-effective management of water processes within legacy & mine closures.

Our advanced water evaporation systems have enabled industrial leaders to reduce their wastewater liabilities in managing harmful acid water in all types of closed mines, pits and legacy voids, with Minetek supporting the largest global mining houses to dewater sites across the globe.

Minetek's automated technology also enables the remote management of processes in water quality analysis, even when there are limited staff on site. Our unmatched evaporator efficiency has enabled the acceleration of closure projects – shortening timelines, reducing costs and further mitigating wastewater management risks – all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

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The ability to deliver equipment on time has been a feature of our dealing and we haven't had a situation where a variation has been requested. The quality of their workmanship has been good and the capability of hardware has been as expected or better than quoted”

CS Energy Kogan Creek Power Station Services Superintendent

Good product with great service leads to a great outcome. My dealings with MINETEK WATER and their supply and service of evaporator fans was one of high quality. I installed 10 evaporator fans on climate control to maximise efficiency and the results were incredible. From the first meeting through to commissioning nothing was a problem for the MINETEK WATER team. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with water disposal issues.

Integra Coal Operations Coal Handling & Preparation Plant (CHPP) Manager

Kipoi have successfully utilized MINETEK WATER evaporators on our process water pond to remove mine water and has contributed to help with our water balance. We are currently in the process of moving these units to where the catchment area is larger giving us better utilization of the evaporators.

Tiger Resources Process Superintendent

Our evaporators are still performing flawlessly and working absolutely great. They have been running 24/7 without a single hiccup. Thanks again!

Klondex Mines Process Maintenance Planning Manager

We have placed some difficult demands upon MINETEK. These demands are never an issue, and are met with the enthusiasm and professionalism we have grown to expect from the MINETEK team.

Liebherr Australia Mining Manager
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