Metalliferous Underground Mining


Since the advent of underground mining, there has been one constant in this most challenging underground pursuit; the safe, reliable supply of air in an underground mine ventilation system.

While the pace and scale of mining in recent decades has accelerated with range of enabling technologies, the effective management of air across underground mine workings has remained as a primary concern for all mining operators. 

Over the past three decades, MINETEK has worked alongside the world’s leading copper, nickel, gold, tin, iron ore and zinc miners to help ensure this critical supply and in doing so has maintained pace with the appetite for mining operations to become increasingly effective and contribute towards delivering safe, reliable, environmentally and economically sustainable operations.


With deep domain experience in delivering primary and secondary ventilation fans along with booster and intake fans, MINETEK has developed its Performance On Demand (POD) technology to enable operators to effectively target air flow when and where it is needed within mine workings. This underground mine ventilation systems technology, coupled with extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities has enabled mines the world over the truly optimise air flow circuits which actively drive down power consumption costs and help improve overall mining profitability


Primary Ventilation Fans

MINETEK can supply the largest available fans for main fan ventilation. Innovative engineering and premier quality have resulted in world first features like MINETEK’s Performance on Demand (POD) controls. Experience power saving, durability and flexibility not achieved with traditional fans.

Secondary/Auxilliary Fans

Keep additional fan installations and mid-project shutdowns to a minimum, with MINETEK’s auxilliary fans. Compact in size , while the high pressure capability results in less fans needed for the development. Benefit from automation, syncronisation and control from the surface.

Booster Fans

Strategically optimise underground mine ventilation systems and air flow with MINETEK. Use primary booster fans for both return and intake airways and benefit from all the MINETEK advantages. MINETEK’s fans can sequence with the main ventilation. The anti-stall feature makes it a reliable choice for booster ventilation.

Multiple Heading Ventilation

Use one fan instead of many, by using MINETEK for multiple heading ventilation. Reduce operating costs, decrease requirements for installation, and get MAC controlled ventilation with MINETEK’s high output fans.

Bulkhead Fans

Synchronise bulkhead fans with MINETEK’s Performance On Demand (POD) and Mine Air Control (MAC) system. Halve the amount of fans required, and stop inefficient power wastage, stalling and duct friction with MINETEK.

Long Duct Runs

The concentrated power of MINETEK’s High Output (HO) Axial Fans, makes them the ideal solution for long duct runs. With more than twice the pressure capacity of a standard bladed axial fan, less fans are needed throughout the development.

Tunnel Fans

MINETEK’s low profile fan provides additional clearance between ventilation ducts and loaded vehicles, making them the ideal solution for tunnels. Improve safety, save power, and achieve maximum performance with MINETEK.

Development Fans

Utilise MINETEK’s Pressure, Power, Performance on Demand (POD) system throughout development and reap the economic benefits. Control from the surface, and only use the air pressure and power you need at each stage of the development. MINETEK’s fans will grow with your project.

Mine Air Control (MAC)

The Mine Air Control (MAC) system, in conjunction with the fans Performance on Demand (POD) technology enables synchronization of both the primary and secondary ventilation fans to increased performance, economic benefits, and efficient use of power. Control the ventilation system remotely for ideal performance from the surface.

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