Sound Testing

What is sound testing?

Sound testing is the process of measuring the sound pressure level (SPL) in order to assess the noise emitted by a particular source. It is typically used to evaluate the performance of equipment, determine the best location for installations, or assess the effectiveness of noise mitigation measures.

Machine Sound Attenuation

MINETEK has developed a comprehensive range of sound testing capabilities designed to enable industrial leaders to achieve operational excellence.

Our testing solutions provide the basis for the development of sound attenuation and noise mitigation programmes, enabling operators to demonstrate they effectively meet safety, regulatory and community expectations.

Designed to meet ISO 6393/6395 Standard requirements.

There are a number of benefits associated with sound testing, including:

  • Enabling the assessment of noise emissions from a particular source
  • Evaluating the performance of equipment or installations
  • Identifying the best location for installations
  • Demonstrating compliance with safety, regulatory or community expectations

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