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Emergency Water Management Plan for Mines
Plan for Mining


Emergency Mine Water Management


Mitigate your risks with a robust and responsive emergency water management plan & flooding response. Be prepared for increased rainfall, snow melts, extreme weather events or potential flooding.

You may want to consider lowering your dependency on tailings dams and or lakes altogether. Investing in cutting edge technology can help to accelerate the closure of these facilities and mitigate your risks.

In Australia and Brazil, high rainfall and extreme weather has impacted mines, with some sites halting production altogether. Operational downtime can cost companies hundreds and thousands in profit loss. If you are searching for a long term or emergency water management solution, Minetek is here to help.

Optimise your mining operation to increase efficiency, uptime and profitability. The potential yield for mining companies are increasing with rising commodity prices, subsequently making downtime more expensive and uptime more valuable. Unreliable water management solutions can have an enormous impact on production, profit and the environment. If you are searching for a proven success of an effective long-term investment for your emergency water management.


Take the Brumadinho dam disaster as an example; this catastrophe resulted in the loss of 272 human lives when the tailings dam failed, releasing millions of tons of toxic waste. Vale was forced to pay $7 billion dollars in compensation to cover both the socio-economic and socio-environmental impacts.


Minetek has a proven success rate with over 3000 projects in over 60 countries, with a recent project with Barrick. We proudly played a part in the reopening of the retired North Mara Gold Mine in Tanzania. Barrick Gold Corporation approached Minetek to assist with water volume reduction. We equipped their Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) pond with Minetek mechanical evaporators as part of their water management plan. The project was successful and we brought them back to environmental compliance.

There are many strategies to control water on mine sites. When deciding what solution is best for your application, ensure careful consideration. Future proof your water management plan with the right solution.

Download our comparison guide with seven water management strategies and solutions.

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MINETEK will continue to be a favoured technical resource and supplier to the New Hope Group and are recommended as a professional, respected and competent supplier of technical services, equipment and products for noise abatement and other industrial products.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent

MINETEK's installations have been very successful and prompted the contracting of MINETEK to conduct a full mobile fleet and fixed plant noise monitoring assessment at the Acland mine site.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent

MINETEK have been instrumental in the design of products used on our mining equipment. Our engagement with them is a true business partnership.

Liebherr Australia Mining Manager

Kipoi have successfully utilized MINETEK WATER evaporators on our process water pond to remove mine water and has contributed to help with our water balance. We are currently in the process of moving these units to where the catchment area is larger giving us better utilization of the evaporators.

Tiger Resources Process Superintendent

I have used these evaporators very successfully at mine sites where I have worked in the past. They are an extremely reliable unit and worked above expectations in the environment where we had them set up. As for spray drift/mist this can be controlled by the weather monitoring systems that are available with the units. Additionally, how you set them up and the amount of fall you can achieve allows for more moisture to be stripped from the droplets]will greatly benefit your overall evaporation rates.

Rolleston Coal Operations Manager
Resource Centre​