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Komatsu PC7000


The Komatsu PC7000 mining machine is a large-scale heavy-duty excavator used for industrial-level mining operations. This diesel machine has two powerful 1,250 kW / 1,675 HP engines with enhanced management, adjustable idle shutdown and improved hydraulic efficiency. Armed with powerful lifting arms and huge buckets with large capacities, Komatsu mining excavators can excavate vast amounts of materials. Operating at 676 – 694 tonnes / 1,490,600 – 1,530,300 lb it has a shovel capacity of 36 m3 / 47 yd3. Mining excavators are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment due to their versatility, manoeuvrability, and multi-functionality.

Komatsu’s PC7000 model includes an advanced operator cab that protects the operator from dust and noise while offering excellent visibility even in the harshest mining conditions. Furthermore, Komatsu’s onboard computer system offers real-time diagnostics and monitoring, making it easy to identify potential problems before they become significant. With its powerful and environmentally friendly engine, sophisticated hydraulics and comprehensive onboard computer systems, the Komatsu PC7000 mining machine is a reliable choice for any mine site or industrial-scale excavation job. 

Sound reduction solution for mines.

High noise levels and unwanted sound pose a severe challenge to the operational efficiency of mine sites. Reducing the noise emitted by Komatsu’s PC7000 mining excavator can assist with increased operating hours, resource recovery, carbon emissions, operational efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction. An NSW Hunter Valley mine had strict noise restrictions imposed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) due to nearby communities and environmental factors. This mine site had to adhere to a maximum on site noise level of 116 dBA, with noise monitoring in place using sound receivers strategically placed around the boundary of the mine. By identifying areas of high noise exposure, operators can actively take the appropriate steps to reduce on site noise levels. When introducing the Komatsu PC7000 mining excavator it was identified this would be a major source of noise for this Hunter Valley Mine, if it was to operate at a sound level of 127 dBA.

There would be limited operability of the Komatsu PC7000 excavator which would impact production and operational efficiency. Sound reduction solutions was required to achieve desired production targets whilst maintaining compliance with strict noise restrictions. This Hunter Valley mine engaged with Minetek to help assist with their on-site noise challenges.

Komatsu excavators

Komatsu PC7000 sound solution.

Minetek was commissioned to design and manufacture Australia’s first turn-key sound attenuation solution for the Komatsu PC7000 mining excavator. This solution was designed to meet noise limitations of 116 dBA in the NSW Hunter Valley mining region. Minetek’s sound solution for the PC7000 mining excavator was specifically engineered and designed to Komatsu’s OEM specifications without compromising machine integrity, airflow, maintenance, and access ability. This sound attenuation project aimed to reduce machine operating noise down to the site noise level of 116dBA, allowing operations to continue whilst meeting community and environmental guidelines. 

Minetek’s sound testing helped pinpoint key noise sources, enabling us to strategically focus on key areas and machine parts to help reduce overall noise levels through sound attenuation. Before attenuation, the PC7000 mining excavator had a factory sound power level of 127 dBA, which is 11 dBA above site noise restrictions. After installing Minetek’s Sound Attenuation package, the Komatsu PC7000 operated at a low noise output of 116 dBA, reducing noise levels by 11 dBA.

Assuming ideal weather conditions (no temperature inversion later, no wind, fog etc.) and hemispherical radiation (Q=2), the Komatsu PC7000 would only be able to operate at a distance of 3,981m (to the receiver / mine boundary) at the pre-attenuation noise level. This would pose significant logistical challenges for this Hunter Valley Mine and would impact operational efficiency.

Komatsu PC7000

With Minetek’s sound attenuation solutions installed, Komatsu’s PC7000 mining excavator can now operate more than < 50% closer to the sound receiver / site boundary at a distance of 281.8m. Minetek’s sound attenuation solutions set an industry benchmark, and noise suppression at the source is now best practice. 

Minetek has been a key partner to the mining industry for over 30 years now, with extensive experience in noise attenuation solutions across Australia and around the world. Minetek reduces the impact sound has on production, enabling mining companies to achieve true operational excellence. Make Minetek part of your sound strategy by treating major noise sources on mining trucks & machinery through sound attenuation. To learn more about our recent sound attenuation projects or case studies, please leave your contact information below. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain noise compliance.  

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