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Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2022
Australian Mining & Metallurgy

Mine Ventilation Conference

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference provides an opportunity to promote safe ventilation practices in mines. By sharing and disseminating knowledge gained from operations across the industry, we can help meet the demand for raw materials right here in Australia.

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference is organised by AusIMM, the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and has been running since 2011. The AusIMM committee calls on the knowledge and expertise within the mining industry, including academia, regulators and researchers. Each year, the Australian Mine Ventilation Conference showcases new and exciting innovations across various aspects of mine ventilation.

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Underground Ventilation in Mining

Underground ventilation systems are a key component in the management of mine risks. These measures effectively control various activities, such as monitoring air quality to ensure a healthy working environment. Statutory ventilation offers in Australia’s coal and metalliferous mines are now required by law. The statutory function of the ventilation officer is to control and manage the ventilation activities and standards forming a part of the mining operations at the mine.

The re-emergence of pneumoconiosis in miners is one way that dust can cause damage to your lungs. It’s an occupational lung disease, meaning you are likely going to encounter these particles only while at work and not outside on walks or other activities where they may be present naturally. Over the past few years, significant developments in practice and research have helped ensure we maintain safety levels within our underground mines. These and other factors should provide an incentive for underground operators to contribute strongly to the Australian Mine Ventilation Conference.

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Australian Mine Ventilation Conference

The 2024 Australian Mine Ventilation Conference will be held in Sydney from August 11th – 15th. This event brings together operators, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, consultants, government regulators and mining personnel to discuss strategies & technologies to improve mine ventilation. This event aims to promote safe ventilation practices to help improve the overall productivity and safety of mines in Australia and around the world.

Minetek is an exhibitor at the upcoming Australian Mine Ventilation Conference, showcasing our sophisticated and innovative underground ventilation technology. We’ve provided modular air management solutions to industry leaders around the world since 1984. Our deep domain engineering expertise enables mining operators to achieve safe, reliable operations while delivering guaranteed reductions in costs and increased profitability. Visit us at the Australian Mine Ventilation Conference to learn more about MINETEK’s ventilation technology and innovative advancements.

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Underground Ventilation Fan Technology

MINETEK’s ventilation fans have an innovative anti-still chamber, controlling the flow of air, capturing turbulent airflow and unstable pre-swirls. This technology eliminates critical stalls and has been proven to extend the operating range and overall performance of the fan across the entire curve.

Coupled with our Mine Air Control (MAC) system, you can seamlessly integrate with the operating layer of the underground mine to optimise airflow across the entire circuit. This enables operators to ramp up or down airflow, based on scheduling and vehicle movements, providing performance on-demand ventilation. Tailor pressure and power consumption without the need for VSD control, helping to reduce ventilation power costs and increase overall efficiency.

At MINETEK we understand that unique scenarios require unique solutions. We manage all aspects of the project from end to end. Including the initial consultation, design and engineering, development, removal of old equipment, installation, commission, training, maintenance and ongoing servicing.

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