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Across more than 1,200 installations we’ve proven ourselves as a global leader in the provision of advanced sound management solutions.

For decades, we’ve been leading the way in developing and implementing bespoke sound management solutions which meet the needs of industrial clients around the world. From initial consulting, on-site analysis and reporting our team can scope, design and deliver turn-key projects which enable you to focus on achieving regulatory, safety and commercial objectives.

Our success has come from years of experience focusing on the critical elements of good project delivery. With a strong focus on documentation, communication, dedicated control of supply chain management and expert local teams for implementation, our priority is always a smooth and effective solution delivery.

With resources strategically placed around the world, MINETEK has the capacity to execute projects across the most challenging mining and industrial landscapes with the ability to delivery end-to-end solutions with a dedicated focus on quality, service and timeliness.

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Vision, Innovation & Results

MINETEK’s experience and innovative technology help us identify significant noise sources and measure the exposure levels. Reducing noise levels on machinery provides the most effective way of protecting workers’ hearing and improving operating conditions.


MINETEK’s modular acoustic packages are designed for most types of mining equipment and are easy to be installed worldwide because of their mobility. We maintain offices across the world so that our experienced team can easily travel to your company’s site for certification and installation of our sound attenuation packages.

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