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sme minexchange conference expo
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

SME Minexchange Conference


This year’s SME MINEXCHANGE conference and expo will be held at the Colorado Convention Centre in Denver, Colorado, from Sunday, the 26th of February – Wednesday 1st of March, 2023. As the mining industry’s most anticipated technical conference, the event will bring 6,000 + industry professionals together to foster learnings on a range of current matters, including tailings management and water management issues, underground ventilation, net-zero mining solutions, workforce development and critical minerals.   

Minetek is an exhibitor at this year’s SME MINEXCHANGE conference at booth #1026. Recognised globally as a solutions provider of air ventilation, water management and sound attenuation, we look forward to sharing the vast improvements to safety, compliance, and profit our solutions have provided to our customers. Our deep domain engineering expertise enables mining operators to achieve safe, reliable operations while delivering guaranteed cost reductions, helping achieve net-zero emission targets and increased profitability. Visit Minetek at booth #1026 to understand our products and turn-key air, water and sound solutions firsthand.  

Underground ventilation.

Since 1984, Minetek Air has been delivering innovative, modular air management solutions for underground operations. Our world-class range is proven to increase productivity and reduce operating costs, all with the flexibility to control the delivery of air when and where it’s needed. As a result, our solutions enable our clients to meet net-zero emission requirements, saving on energy consumption and delivering a guaranteed return on investment.

Water management.

Minetek Water offers the world’s most comprehensive and cost-effective water evaporation technology, designed to reduce risks associated with managing excess water and ensure environmental compliance. Our mobile, flexible solutions have been engineered to process various water qualities, delivering an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable water management solution. Our units can process up to 4.0mm in diameter solids and evaporate water with a pH level ranging from 1.8 to 14+. Minetek evaporation technology has been scientifically proven in the most challenging industrial landscapes and climates, with over 500+ projects completed worldwide.

Sound reduction solution.

Minetek Sound enables the world’s quietest mining equipment and machinery, reducing noise levels by up to 50% and allowing mining operations to reduce potentially harmful safety impacts on operators while meeting regulatory and community noise expectations. Our flexible solutions allow noise to be attenuated in mining machinery, with innovative engineered solutions designed to minimise the weight of components without compromising machine integrity, airflow & maintenance access ability. With over 1500+ mining machines attenuated worldwide, our experienced team will travel to your site for certification and installation.

At Minetek we understand that unique scenarios require unique solutions. We manage all aspects of the project from end to end, including the initial consultation, design and engineering, development, removal of old equipment, installation, commission, training, maintenance and ongoing servicing. At Minetek, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to your mining operation’s unique needs. Interested in learning more about our ventilation, attenuation or evaporation technology? Please leave your details below.

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