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electrical substation mining operation HV power
HV, MV & LV - Above & underground

Mining substation

Mining substations are the ultimate electrical solution for controlling and managing critical power generation, transmission, and distribution systems in above and underground mining applications.  Minetek's comprehensive electrical engineering capabilities offer efficient and reliable solutions, ensuring seamless power management across your mine site.

At Minetek Power, we understand the unique challenges of the mining industry, particularly in hard rock and metalliferous underground mining environments. Our mining substations are designed with specialised engineering expertise to meet the stringent requirements of High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) operations. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly deploy our solutions, efficiently stepping down power supply from HV to operational voltage levels while ensuring the safety and reliability of power management throughout your site.

Reliable power distribution via mining substations.

Our mining substations support HV, MV and LV, making them suitable for various low, medium and high-voltage mining and industrial applications. Whether you require power distribution for renewables, coal mining, hard rock mining, industrial, defence, or tunnelling projects, our substations can be tailored to your specific power requirements.

Mine electrical substations offer versatile deployment options to suit your operational needs with standalone units, skid-mounted configurations, or containerised setups for convenient transportation and easy installation. Our flexible deployment options ensure efficient and reliable power distribution in diverse mining and industrial applications, including underground. 

We work closely with our customers to understand their power requirements and provide customised solutions that meet their needs. Whether you need relocatable, modular, compact, containerised, armoured, or transportable substations, Minetek Power has the expertise and capabilities to deliver highly reliable, safe, and flexible solutions for your power distribution needs.

HV, MV & LV industrial substation

Mining substations

Combining Minetek Power's full electrical infrastructure capabilities, our Substations provide control of operation-critical industrial power generation, transmission and distribution systems.​

With specialist expertise in hard rock mining, our solutions can be quickly deployed to step down power supply into operational voltage, providing safe and reliable management of power across the entire site.

Features & specifications 

  • LV, MV & HV
  • Standalone, skid or containerised
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electrical substation

Choose Minetek Power for your Mine Substation requirements.

Minetek Power offers reliable and efficient power distribution in mining and industrial applications. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction ensures that our substations are built to the highest standards, delivering superior performance and reliability.

Contact us today to discuss your specific power distribution requirements, and our experienced team will work closely with you to design and deploy a custom-made substation solution that meets your unique needs. Experience the Minetek Power advantage and empower your operations with reliable power distribution in mining and industrial environments.

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I can honestly say I have found MINTEK WATER a very professional organisation in all the dealings that I have had with them. They have always been proactive and looked for and suggested alternatives to assist me in the delivery of my projects whilst still working on the original concept.

CS Energy Kogan Creek Power Station Services Superintendent

MINETEK have been instrumental in the design of products used on our mining equipment. Our engagement with them is a true business partnership.

Liebherr Australia Mining Manager

I have used these evaporators very successfully at mine sites where I have worked in the past. They are an extremely reliable unit and worked above expectations in the environment where we had them set up. As for spray drift/mist this can be controlled by the weather monitoring systems that are available with the units. Additionally, how you set them up and the amount of fall you can achieve allows for more moisture to be stripped from the droplets]will greatly benefit your overall evaporation rates.

Rolleston Coal Operations Manager

Our evaporators are still performing flawlessly and working absolutely great. They have been running 24/7 without a single hiccup. Thanks again!”

Klondex Mines Process Maintenance Planning Manager

After investigating a raft of different methods from sprinkler systems through to desalination systems (too costly for little benefit) we decided on the MINETEK WATER units. The evaporators were easy to install and once activated ran trouble free. We were very happy with the service from MINETEK and the reliability of the system.

OCE Glencore Collinsville Superintendent
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