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Minetek Power is the trusted provider of integrated electrical and control solutions for industrial and mining operations, empowering our clients to achieve safe, compliant, and profitable operations for the future. With our highly trained and experienced team of electrical engineers, designers, operators, and managers, we offer end-to-end solutions that combine performance and reliability.

We understand the unique challenges industrial and mining sectors face and offer a comprehensive range of services and capabilities covering the entire project lifecycle. Minetek Power ensures that every aspect of your electrical and control infrastructure is designed, implemented, and managed to the highest regulatory compliance and operational excellence standards.

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, Minetek Power has earned a reputation for delivering innovative engineering and technology solutions to industrial leaders worldwide. Our track record of success demonstrates our commitment to excellence, providing customised solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients across the globe.

At Minetek Power, quality and customer service are at the core of our DNA. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions that exceed expectations. Our Power services and capabilities complement our market-leading Air, Water, and Sound solutions, enabling us to provide comprehensive support to the mining, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Minetek Power offers a wide range of motor starter ancillaries, distribution systems, switchrooms, and substations to meet the diverse needs of industrial environments. Our engineered power solutions are designed to support safe and reliable operations, even in the planet's most challenging and demanding industrial settings. With Minetek Power by your side, you can trust that your electrical infrastructure is built to withstand the rigours of your operations.

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Power your operation with Minetek

When you choose Minetek Power, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your success. We collaborate closely with our clients, providing strategic consultation, design development, project management, and commissioning services. Our holistic approach ensures that your operations are optimised for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Discover why industrial and mining leaders worldwide rely on Minetek Power for their electrical and control solutions. Contact us today to explore how our services and capabilities can transform your operations, delivering safe, compliant, and profitable outcomes for your business. Experience the Minetek Power advantage and unlock the full potential of your mining and industrial operations.

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Kipoi have successfully utilized MINETEK WATER evaporators on our process water pond to remove mine water and has contributed to help with our water balance. We are currently in the process of moving these units to where the catchment area is larger giving us better utilization of the evaporators.

Tiger Resources Process Superintendent

MINETEK's installations have been very successful and prompted the contracting of MINETEK to conduct a full mobile fleet and fixed plant noise monitoring assessment at the Acland mine site.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent

MINETEK provide a quality, proven solutions and are established as leading sound attenuation specialists.

Glencore International AG Global HME Category Manager

It was completed with no incidents or injuries, with no delays, and ahead of schedule. The plan was for 10 shifts, and it was completed in 7 shifts.

Northern Goldfields Mining Manager

We have utilised MINETEK for a number of sound attenuation projects in the Hunter Valley and have formed an excellent relationship with Glencore over many years. MINETEK understand our industry and always provide a solid and professional commitment to meeting our goals and objectives."

Glencore International AG Global HME Category Manager
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