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Minetek's Thaddeus Martinelli at NAMVS 2023.


The 2023 North American Mine Ventilation Symposium (NAMVS) and expo was held at South Dakota Mines University in Rapid City, South Dakota from Saturday June 17th to Thursday June 22nd. The industry event attracted ventilation professionals and manufacturers from across the United States and the world, providing a platform for exchange of new ventilation practices, innovation, and research. Organised by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME) and South Dakota Mines, NAMVS covered a broad variety of topics including mine ventilation planning, ventilation design, main and booster fans, auxiliary ventilation, and mine dust control. 

This year, Minetek was a platinum sponsor and exhibitor at NAMVS, proudly supporting this peer-reviewed symposium. The event was a great opportunity for those in the underground metal and coal industry to promote and share fresh ideas and research to improve the performance and safety of mine ventilation. 

Our attending Minetek Air representatives Jeremy Sutherland and Simon Bird were excited to join the mine ventilation discussion. As a globally recognised solutions provider of underground ventilation solutions, Minetek Air was eager to share the incredible innovation and technology utilized within our fans to improve safety, compliance, and profit for our clients.


Underground Ventilation and the race to net zero emissions targets.


For almost 40 years Minetek Air has been delivering innovative, technology driven underground ventilation solutions. We help our clients achieve safe operations, regulatory compliance, reduced power consumption and increased profitability. In the race for mining operations worldwide to meet net zero emissions targets, reevaluating your ventilation system has never been more crucial. Up to 35% of today’s mining emissions can be attributed to Scope 2 non-renewable electricity generation and consumption, with 42% of underground mine electricity consumption attributed to ventilation systems and processes

Reducing power consumed by on-site ventilation systems is an enormous step forward on the journey to net zero carbon emissions. Minetek’s sophisticated underground ventilation fans are proven to reduce power consumption by up to 50% with the unique ability to tailor pressure, power and performance with no fan stalls, no loss of air and no Variable Speed Drive (VSD) controls.  


Minetek Underground ventilation technology.


Missed out on NAMVS 2023?


If you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, please visit our NAMVS webpage to download our brochureware, book a call with Minetek Air’s USA representative, and read more about our underground ventilation solutions.  


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