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Minetek Power
Revolutionising integrated electrical solutions

Minetek Power

Minetek, a leading provider of global Mining solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Minetek Power, a new division dedicated to delivering integrated electrical and power solutions to the mining industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, Minetek Power aims to transform the way businesses approach power requirements in demanding mining environments.


Minetek Power


Minetek Power was established in response to market feedback, highlighting long wait times for subpar electrical solutions that suffered from quality and longevity issues, failing to meet expectations or site requirements. Recognising the need for a reliable and efficient power supplier, Minetek Power bridges the gap in the market, offering quick turn-around times, often months faster than the industry-typical lead times. With a focus on high-quality products engineered by their in-house design and manufacturing teams, Minetek Power aims to provide a premium customer experience with a dedicated team supporting site installation and commissioning.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by the mining industry, Minetek Power has developed a comprehensive range of power products and services designed to support safe and reliable operations in the harshest conditions.


“Minetek’s quality is truly world class, and that’s what’s required when powering mission critical equipment at a mine. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars through our rapid service from initial scoping through to commissioning. I’m looking forward to delivering these benefits to more customers through the launch of Minetek Power.”

Kingsley Shirtliff, Division Manager – Power.


Mining electrical


Drawing on Minetek’s proven track record in providing complex power solutions to industrial and mining operations as part of Minetek Air, and Water projects, Minetek Power offers a complete and tailored end-to-end solution through a highly skilled and experienced team of electrical engineers, designers, operators, and managers. This dedicated team ensures that every project is executed to the highest standards of performance and reliability. 

From motor starter ancillaries to complete distribution, switch room, and substation capabilities, Minetek Power is equipped to supply engineered power solutions that support safe and reliable operations. The division provides strategic consultation, design development, project management, and commissioning services, ensuring that each project complies with regulatory standards and achieves operational excellence. 


Mine power solutions


Minetek Power’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range of power solutions tailored to meet specific industry needs: 


Substations: Minetek Power’s Substations are the ultimate electrical solution for controlling and managing critical power generation, transmission, and distribution systems in mining and industrial settings. 


Minetek Substation


Switchrooms: Designed to house critical electrical infrastructure in industrial settings, providing air conditioning for optimum equipment life and operator comfort. Also available with emergency exits, electrical installation and a variety of other safety features. 


Minetek Power Switchrooms


Fan Starters: Designed specifically for harsh underground mining and tunnelling environments, Minetek Power Fan Starters provide safe, reliable protection and control of ventilation operations, including secondary, booster and auxiliary fans. 



Pump Starters: Minetek’s Pump Starters enable the reliable and efficient operation of pumps in various industrial settings, including underground mining operations. With a focus on optimising pump performance and minimising downtime, our pump starters offer a range of benefits to enhance operational efficiency.   


Minetek Power Pump Starters


Electrical Switchboards: Minetek’s Electrical Switchboards safely receive primary power supplies and feed to downstream applications. Featuring an AS61439 tested, modular design, and ingress protection up to IP66 with various deployment configurations. 


Minetek Power Electrical Switchboards


Distribution Boards: Minetek Power Distribution Boards are designed to house a range of critical high and low voltage infrastructure and can be configured in standalone, skid or frame mounted options for use in a variety of applications. 


Minetek Power Distribution Board


Mining Drill Starters: Designed to operate in the most challenging underground settings, including hard rock mining and tunnelling applications, Minetek Power Drill Starters provide industry-leading motor control and electrical protection to safely start heavy drilling equipment. 


Minetek Power Drill Starters


Electric switchboard


Complementing their standard product offerings, Minetek Power specialises in custom projects tailored to meet unique site requirements. The Minetek team aims for every project to exceed customer expectations and site requirements. 

Minetek Power is excited to embark on this new venture, empowering excellence in mining operations through integrated electrical and power solutions. To learn more about Minetek Power and their comprehensive range of offerings, please visit 


About Minetek.


Mining substation


Minetek is a globally recognised provider of innovative and technology driven industrial solutions, committed to delivering high-quality products and services to customers across the mining, power generation, oil and gas and petrochemical industries. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Minetek strives to exceed industry standards and empower businesses in achieving operational excellence.  



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