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Meliadine mine case study


Meliadine mine is located near Hudson Bay within the Nunavut Arctic archipelago in Canada. This high-grade gold mine is a long-life producing asset for Agnico Eagle with a current mine life of 10 years (until 2032). Consisting of underground and open-pit mining, the Melidine mine has over 4,025,00 oz in gold reserves across seven gold deposits.

Six of the gold reserves are in the current mine plan and carried out through 12 open pits and two underground mining operations. For over 30 years, Agnico Eagle has been operating in the Canadian Arctic, with commercial production commencing in 2019.

Aginco Eagle commissioned MINETEK to assist with site water balance control and management of excess brine generated by the reverse osmosis plant. Their new underground mine required volume reduction to support development for site water balance control, in addition to their requirement of managing excess brine water with limitations around brine storage. The Meliadine mine site is one of a handful of mine sites across the globe only accessible by air which poses complex logistics and high costs to dispose of this water via traditional methods.

Meliadine mine site


To meet the water management requirements of Agnico Eagle’s Meliadine Mine, MINETEK supplied five 400/200 stainless steel evaporators for brine water evaporation and water balance control. Our wastewater evaporators can vaporise water ranging from pH 2.2 to pH 12 including brine or caustic water. MINETEK’s units can evaporate up to 50% of spray volume as pure water vapour, returning the remaining volume of droplets to the feed pond. This system can process 2000 GPM (450m3/hour), with the system air freighted to the site to meet urgent delivery requirements. 

Client: Agnico eagle  
Site: Meliadine mine site  
Location: Nunavut, Canada 

– New underground mine required volume reduction for site water balance control at Meliadine mine 
– Issue with managing excess brine generated by the RO plant. 

– Limited storage space for brine storage on the Meliadine mine site
– High cost & complex logistics to dispose of brine using traditional methods 

– MINETEK supplied 5 x 400/200 stainless steel mechanical evaporators for brine water evaporation and water balance control.
– 2000 GPM (450m3/hour) system
– Air freighted to Meliadine mine site located in Nunavut, Canada in order to meet urgent delivery requirements.

Meliadine mine operations

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