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Las Lagunas mine


Las Lagunas mine is situated 100km northwest of the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Doming in the Caribbean. This gold and silver mine is currently operated by Panterra Gold, previously known as EnviroGold. The Las Lagunas Gold Tailings is a retreatment project which involves reprocessing previously unrecovered gold and silver refractory tailings.

Envirogold contacted Minetek with a time-sensitive problem involving managing their tailings storage facility (TSF) at their Las Lagunas mine site. They urgently needed to manage water levels in a challenging highly humid environment. The surplus tailings water caused a lack of storage capacity on-site, leading to a potential overflow of TSF. The potential environmental repercussions of a failed TSF were a motivation for Las Lagunas mine to act quickly.

Minetek water management solution

Minetek’s quick response in emergency water management situations was impeccable. We reacted and supplied 5 x 400/200 epoxy-coated evaporation systems to meet the client’s requirements. This model of evaporators can process 2000 GPM (45m3/hour) of wastewater each. Processing up to 10,000 GPM (225m3/hour) across the five evaporator models.

Our world-class evaporation technology essentially speeds up what the sun does by utilising the same principles. Minetek evaporators process contaminated water, separating heavy metal solids through our pressurised nozzles. Our evaporators can process up to 135m3 per hour at a pressure of 145 PSI catering to both high TSD (total dissolved solids) and TSS (total suspended solids. Minetek engineers have developed the world’s largest and most cost-effective water evaporators with significant CAPEX savings in comparison to traditional water management methods.

Las Lagunas project overview

Client: Envirogold 
Site: Las Lagunas
Location: Dominican republic  


• Urgent need to manage water level within tailings storage facility in a challenging highly humid environment in the Dominican Republic. 


• Surplus tailings water causing lack of storage capacity on-site leading to potential overflow of TSF. 


• Minetek reacted and supplied five 400/200 Epoxy coated evaporation systems to meet the client’s requirements.

• 2000 GPM (45m3/hour) system capacity. 

Las Lagunas

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