MINETEK has completed a project for Goldfields Western Australia, installing for the first time ever in Australia a fan of this combined size and technology.


MINETEK staff has worked around the clock to ensure project goals are achieved within the given timeframe and the full scope of removal of redundant equipment, installation of new fans, and commissioning was done in four days.


Goldfields, Barminco, and the MINETEK project and engineering teams have installed two fans in operation at Agnew and three additional fans at a neighboring Goldfields mine site, reaching operational capacity above and beyond expectations.

Key Features of the fans:

  • POD: “Performance on Demand” vane inlet controls to adjust vent flow and power usage. Impulse bladed impeller equipment with an anti-stall chamber to ensure optimum fan performance.
  • 1100kW/1000V individual fan motors (all run off the renewable power station).
  • 280m³/sec @ 3700Pa for current production needs with a maximum airflow capability of 350m³/sec @ 4200kPa.
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