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Mining Noise Reduction
Mining Noise Reduction on Komatsu Haul Trucks

Minetek's Noise Reduction Solutions at Open-Cut Coal Mine

For over three decades, Minetek has been a driving force in the mining industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Minetek has established itself as a leader in developing state-of-the-art noise reduction solutions for mining equipment. These solutions not only reduce noise levels but also play a pivotal role in fostering improved relationships between mine sites and surrounding communities.

Through meticulous engineering and design, Minetek’s team of acoustic and mechanical engineers have developed targeted noise reduction solutions that address the source of the issue. The results are exceptional, with mining machines achieving noise reductions of up to 50%, placing them among the world’s quietest mining machines. This accomplishment represents Minetek’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the mining industry.


Minetek Sound Attenuation in Action on Komatsu Haul Truck.


The effectiveness of Minetek’s noise reduction solutions lies in using advanced technologies and a data-driven approach. By incorporating cutting-edge sensors and measurement tools, we accurately identify and quantify significant noise sources within mining machinery. This detailed analysis enables precise adjustments, targeting the specific complexities of noise generation. Having this extreme level of precision ensures that each noise reduction solution is optimised to meet the unique needs of each mining machine, maximising their performance and minimising noise levels. Our commitment to noise reduction extends beyond the immediate benefits to miners, positively impacting local communities as well. By reducing noise levels, Minetek contributes to the broader goal of environmental sustainability within the mining sector. This approach minimises disruptions to the quality of life for nearby residents and aligns with contemporary standards of corporate responsibility.


Minetek’s Sound Attenuation Solutions in Action


Minetek’s collaboration with an Australian Glencore mine is an example of our commitment to addressing the unique challenges mining operations face. While this mine has been a significant economic driver, creating approximately 500 full-time jobs and boosting the local economy, operational noise had generated concerns within the nearby community, leading to complaints from residents.

Minetek was commissioned to design and manufacture a customised Sound Attenuation package for the Komatsu 930E-3 and Komatsu 930E-4 Haul Trucks operating at the Glencore mine. This initiative had two primary objectives: ensuring compliance with stringent on-site noise regulations for heavy machinery operation and relieving the impact of noise on nearby communities.


The Sound Attenuation Package comprised various components, including:

1. Suppressed Exhaust System

2. Radiator Attenuator

3. Bumper Extension

4. Left- and Right-Hand Engine Panels

5. Belly Panels

6. Horseshoe Attenuator

7. Horseshoe Engine Panels

8. Air Intake Attenuator

9. Grid Box Attenuators

10. Duct Assembly

11. Fan Discharge Silencer

12. Grade 5 Sound Media


Minetek sound testing on a Komatsu Haul Truck.


Prior to implementing Minetek’s Sound Attenuation Package, noise levels were measured at 124 dBA. Post-implementation, these levels were significantly reduced to 115 dBA, demonstrating an impressive 9 dBA reduction. This reduction enabled the haul trucks to operate closer to site boundaries while remaining compliant with noise regulations. Following the installation, the client experienced a notable decrease in noise complaints from the local community, allowing for extended operational hours.

The project’s success highlighted Minetek’s ability to develop customised noise reduction solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. The Sound Attenuation Package ensured compliance with regulatory standards and demonstrated a commitment to minimising environmental impact on local communities. Our adaptability and technical expertise reinforce our position as a leading provider of effective noise reduction solutions for the mining industry. Beyond the technical aspects, Minetek’s collaboration with the Glencore mine reflects a broader commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices. By effectively addressing noise concerns, we’ve contributed to a work environment that prioritises both operational efficiency and the well-being of local residents. This collaborative effort shows how our team’s innovative solutions are helping to shape a mining industry that balances operational requirements with community harmony.


Minetek’s Approach to Safer Mining Practices


Minetek’s unwavering dedication to quieter, safer, and more efficient mining operations has established the company as an industry leader. By integrating cutting-edge technology, extensive experience, and a strong commitment to compliance, our noise reduction solutions are transforming the way mining machinery operates.


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