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Minetek Sound Attenuation


After achieving remarkable success with some of the world’s largest mining companies in Australia, Minetek has expanded its Sound Division into Latin America with a dedicated local support team. This expansion brings innovative solutions that reduce site noise levels by up to 50%, ensuring compliance with regulatory and community sound expectations while preventing costly suspensions of mining operations due to noise concerns. This article explores the pressing challenge of noise pollution in Latin American mining regions, the capabilities of Minetek’s Sound Division, and recent success stories showcasing Minetek’s transformative impact on the industry. 



Environmental & safety challenges of noise pollution.


In the mineral-rich regions of Latin America, a formidable challenge of environmental and noise pollution stems from mining operations. This persistent issue has prompted complaints from neighbouring communities and led to temporary suspensions of mining activities. These suspensions aim to initiate dialogues with affected residents, government departments, regulatory bodies, and local authorities. 


Notable cases in Latin America.


  • Tintaya Copper Mine, Peru: Complaints from nearby communities regarding noise pollution and environmental impacts led to the temporary suspension of operations. 
  • Pascua-Lama Gold Mine, Chile, and Argentina: This mine faced suspension due to concerns related to noise, environmental impacts, and water-related issues. Subsequently, it incurred a $16 million fine, and the Chilean Environmental Protection Agency ordered its “total and definitive closure.” 
  • El Torno Gold Mine, Bolivia: Protests by local communities and environmental activists disrupted operations, citing significant noise, ecological and community concerns. 
  • Conga Gold Mine, Peru: This mine faced scrutiny and opposition due to noise and water pollution issues. 


These case studies vividly highlight the intricate balance that must be struck between mining activities and the well-being of surrounding communities. They underscore the importance of implementing effective noise control solutions to ensure the harmonious coexistence of mining operations and neighbouring communities throughout the region. 



Enabling a safer, quieter future for mining in Latin America.


Around the world, mining operations face persistent challenges associated with excessive noise levels, posing risks to operator safety, regulatory compliance, and community satisfaction. Minetek’s Sound Division introduces dynamic and adaptable solutions to mitigate noise from mining machinery, including inside the cab and external environmental noise, enhancing safety and promoting environmentally responsible mining practices. 


Minetek’s comprehensive sound solutions for mining machinery.


Minetek’s sound solutions cater to a wide range of models across OEM machinery from industry leaders like Liebherr, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Terex, Sandvik, LeToureneau & Epiroc. These solutions encompass mining trucks, excavators, dozers, loaders, and drills. Minetek is committed to reducing noise without compromising machinery integrity, airflow, or maintenance access. 



We have succeeded in reducing noise levels in over 1,800 mining machines spanning more than 90 OEM-approved models worldwide. Our approach involves close collaboration with clients to develop practical noise mitigation solutions aligned with safety, regulatory, and community expectations. 


Case study snapshot: Transforming an Australian open-cut mine.

In a recent project, Minetek lowered the overall site noise of an Australian open-cut mine by more than 50%, enabling round-the-clock site operation while meeting stringent regulatory noise level restrictions. As a result, the mine site doubled its production levels, extracting an additional 2.1 million tonnes of coal, valued at over $352.3 million. Download and access the full case study here in English, Spanish or Portuguese.



Empowering mining operations to maintain noise and environmental compliance.


Minetek’s Sound Division empowers mining operations to mitigate safety risks, achieve regulatory noise compliance, and foster positive relationships with local communities. This proactive approach reduces shutdowns and decreases the risk of short- and long-term suspensions of mining operations.

As Latin American mining regions grapple with noise pollution challenges, Minetek’s Sound Division arrives as a beacon of hope, offering innovative noise control solutions that benefit operators, regulatory compliance, and the well-being of neighbouring communities. With a track record of success and a commitment to a quieter, safer future, Minetek’s Sound Division is revolutionising how mining operations manage and mitigate noise in the region.

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