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Noise cancelling exhaust
Reduce mining machine noise

Noise Cancelling Exhausts

Mining machinery, just like any other commerical vehicles, require an exhaust system. All vehicles with an internal combustion engine have a muffler located along the exhaust pipe that helps reduce the engine’s acoustic noise while also controlling the engine’s backpressure, resulting in better performance and endurance.  

In most circumstances, mufflers are passive devices that direct the exhaust gases through chambers and perforated tubes to filter the acoustic frequency vibrations without obstructing the flow of the gases. In contrast, active sound cancellation systems use one or more vibrating panels driven by a microprocessor. The microprocessor monitors the engine operation and the acoustic frequencies propagating in the exhaust pipe, generating a sound that is out-of-phase with the noise generated by the engine. 

Industrial mufflers, or exhaust silencers, are devices used to reduce the noise produced by the engine exhaust system of heavy machinery. There is a large variety of sound suppressing mufflers for the different levels of noise attenuation needed, as well as to suit different OEM models and types of mining machinery. 

Effects of poor muffler design

Off-the-shelf mufflers tell you what model they are made for, but they may not be the most suitable for your requirements. Using a muffler or exhuast that is unsuitable can limit operating capacity, increase back pressure, and shorten the lifespan of machinery. Even mufflers that are suitable but poorly designed can cause a range of issues for your machinery, such as:  

  • Lower engine efficiency    
  • Higher fuel consumption, and therefore lower fuel efficiency and higher costs 
  • Low power or power cut out – which can cause misfires or unstable running 
  • Higher diesel exhaust emissions and greater human exposure risk 
  • Increased exhaust gas temperature and increased thermal load on engine parts 

Types of exhausts & mufflers

One effective way to reduce machine noise, is installing an exhaust that is appropriate for the machinery’s needs. Minetek’s sound attenuation treats a range of noise sources – changing an exhaust is one easy thing you can do to reduce a source of the noise, but it’s not an overall solution, just one piece of the puzzle. 

There are direct-fit replacement exhausts, which are made to be compatible with OEM parts and allow for easy installation. Dual-skinned and thermal reduction exhaust systems can help control exhaust surface temperatures and reduce the need for thermal blankets. 

Minetek has developed a range of OEM sound suppression exhaust packages and noise control solutions to reduce noise levels on mining trucks, excavators, dozers, drills, loaders, and other mining equipment. We have an extensive range of approved designs for major mining equipment OEMs, including Liebherr, Hitatchi, Caterpillar & Komatsu. 

With over 30 years of experience, Minetek understands that airflow and back pressures are critical to mining machinery. We have a comprehensive product range and can customise mining exhausts and industrial solutions where product levels are critical. With Minetek, you can be confident you are getting the best possible sound-reduction products on the market, offering the following benefits: 

  • Machine performance is unhindered 
  • No overheating due to sound suppression 
  • Ease of access to all service points is built into the design of componentry 

Each component of Minetek’s sound-attenuated exhausts is explicitly engineered with sound absorption materials effective with the required acoustic frequency. The mixing and matching of these elements, determined by our acoustic engineers, underpin Minetek’s unique muffler design. Our acoustic engineered exhausts with innovative technology and simulation programs can target specific frequencies, including noise-cancelling and balancing. 

Case study: Liebherr R9800

Liebherr R9800 is one of the largest OEM mining excavators used in large-capacity mining operations. This huge mining machine can achieve many challenging targets, being made to suit mining operations on such a large scale.  

However, one prevailing issue with this heavy machinery was its operating noise level of 126 dBA. This noise level prevented mining operations from using the Liebherr 9800 during noise-sensitive times and in certain areas with stricter noise requirements.  

With a sound attenuation package designed and manufactured by Minetek just for the Liebherr 9800, the operating noise level was lowered from 126 dBA to 114 dBA. This noise reduction of 12 dBA allowed the mining company to operate 1000m closer to the boundary without compromising its operating capacity.  

Sound attenuated exhaust

Minetek’s solution

Minetek has been a key partner to the mining industry for over 30 years now, with extensive experience in noise attenuation solutions across Australia and around the world. With our comprehensive sound packages and professional expertise, we proudly provide customised products and industrial noise solutions for industrial operations.  Visit our website to learn more about how Minetek can help with your industrial sound attenuation strategy.  

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