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Liebherr R9800 is one of the largest OEM mining excavators in the world! At 800 tonnes it is designed for large-capacity mining operations and can work on almost any surface. Developed as the optimal loading tool for large-scale mining operations, the R9800 is able to achieve the most challenging targets. The machine is powered by two V16 cylinders, each with a displacement of 537 cubic meters. It has an enormous bucket wheel of 22 meters in diameter and 20 meters wide buckets. Liebherr R9800 can move up to 240,000 cubic meters of dirt and rock per day!

One of the challenges of using this mining machinery is sound output with an operating noise level of 126 dBA. Mining operations could not continue to operate the Liebherr R9800 during noise-sensitive times and areas due to excessive machine noise output. Community expectations and noise compliance conditions have strict requirements set by governing bodies, with huge fines and implications if not adhered to.

Liebherr R9800 sound reduction challenge

The Liebherr R9800 is used in various mining operations, such as coal, gold, and diamond mines. It has a long lifespan due to its sturdy build and can withstand the harsh conditions of the mines. However, like all machines, it requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it running smoothly. This is one of the challenges with attenuating mining machinery, ensuring easy maintenance access.

Minetek were commissioned to design and manufacture the first sound attenuation package in the world for the mining excavator Liebherr R9800. The goal of this project was to reduce its operating noise down to the site noise level without compromising its operating capacity or adding excess weight to the machine. This sound reduction solution also provides easy access for routine maintenance and machine servicing.

Sound attenuation solution & results

With the sound attenuation package installed, Liebherr All references to R9800 operate at an amazingly low noise output. Minetek projects set an industry benchmark and noise suppression at the source is now best practice. Our achieved sound output enabled this Hunter Valley mining company to operate 1000m closer to the boundary.

Overall Sound Power Target Level for Client: 118 dBA  
Machine Noise Level Pre Attenuation: 126 dBA  
Machine Noise Level Post Attenuation: 114 dBA Dynamic 
12dBA Machine Noise Reduction

liebherr r9800 sound reduction

Minetek have earned international recognition in ensuring OEMs and mining operations have the world’s quietest mining machinery. This includes being recognised internationally for the world’s
quietest mining trucks and mining excavators.

  • Engineered to maintain productivity.
  • Designed to minimise the impact on operators and maintenance teams.
  • Modular sound suppression kits.
  • Certified site install teams globally.
  • Complete sound packages available for mining trucks, excavators, dozers, loaders and drills

Interested in learning more about our recent sound attenuation projects or noise reduction case studies for mining machines? Discover how you can increase operating hours and reduce sound levels by leaving your details below.

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