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Minetek Air Underground Ventilation Technology


In the dynamic landscape of underground ventilation, innovation and technology play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, productivity, profitability and above all, safety. Minetek, a global leader in mining solutions, stands at the forefront of this technological evolution delivering a range of underground ventilation fans and accessories able to halve required power consumption costs and ensure compliance.

In this article, we delve into Minetek’s groundbreaking Underground Ventilation Technology, exploring the capabilities, applications and features of Minetek’s High Output Axial Fan Series and supplementary Mine Ventilation Louvres designed to work together in maximising airflow efficiency throughout the entire mine.  


Minetek Air Undeground Ventilation Technology.


Minetek’s High Output Axial Fan Series


Engineered to excel in the demanding mining environment, Minetek’s High Output Axial Fan series redefines underground ventilation with its key features. The fan showcases a robust design, featuring a steel-fabricated impeller specifically designed for prolonged life in harsh mining environments. Proving its ability to ramp airflow up and down as needed, the fan has been demonstrated to reduce power consumption costs by up to 50% whilst simultaneously surpassing the performance of traditional larger fans. Adding to its versatility, these compact units can also be easily redeployed as mine workings evolve, providing a flexible and efficient solution for the dynamic needs of mining operations. 


Minetek Air fan.


Minetek’s High Output Axial Fan Series comes with a multitude of advantages, making it a game-changer in the mining industry. With a vast operating range, this single-speed fan features Minetek’s Performance On Demand (POD) system, eliminating the need for Variable Speed Drive (VSD) controls. The robust design, equipped with wear-resistant blades, ensures durability in harsh mining environments. Minetek’s innovative approach simplifies ventilation processes, doing away with complex and costly Ventilation On Demand (VOD) controls, while also eliminating fan stalls for a safe and reliable solution. Furthermore, the fan’s efficiency contributes to a reduction in capital costs, as fewer fans are required for optimal performance. 

High Output Axial Fans have a number of applications including Primary Fans, Booster/Intake Fans, Development Fans, Multiple Heading Ventilation, Secondary/Auxiliary Fans, Bulkhead, Long Duct Runs and Tunnel Fans. 


Minetek Ventilation Features


Mine Air Control (MAC)


Minetek’s Mine Air Control (MAC) system seamlessly integrates into the mine’s operating layer, optimising airflow across the entire circuit. This innovative system adjusts air flow based on scheduling and vehicle movements, providing true performance on demand. 


Performance On Demand (POD)


Minetek’s POD technology enables operators to tailor pressure and power consumption without the need for Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). The system, controlled by fan vane inlets, optimises performance, reduces power consumption costs, and enhances overall operational efficiency. 



Anti-Stall Technology


Minetek’s anti-stall chamber revolutionises fan performance by capturing turbulent air flow and unstable pre-swirls. This technology eliminates critical stalls, extends the operating range, and enhances overall fan performance across the entire curve. 


Extend mine efficiency further with Minetek Louvres.


Designed to further maximise airflow efficiency throughout the entire mine, Minetek’s Underground Ventilation Louvres are a cost-effective solution able to be used in conjunction with primary fan, secondary/auxiliary fan, booster/intake fan, bulkhead, multiple heading ventilation and tunnel fan applications. 

Minetek’s Underground Ventilation Louvres stand out in the mining industry, able to significantly reduce capital expenditure by maximising airflow and therefore minimising the need for additional fans.  


Minetek Underground Ventilation Louvres


Additionally, Minetek Louvres also contribute to lowering operating expenditure and serve as an integral component of fire management systems, enhancing safety measures within the mining environment. The low-maintenance design ensures hassle-free operation, adding to their appeal, and with Ventilation On Demand (VOD) capabilities, these louvres offer the flexibility to further adjust airflow based on operational needs. Moreover, mine sites can choose between manual and remote and local automated options, providing adaptability to suit diverse mining requirements.  

To learn more about Minetek’s Mine Ventilation Louvres, download the product brochure here. 


Innovative underground ventilation.


Minetek stands as a global leader in delivering innovative and cost-efficient air solutions tailored for the mining industry. Leveraging our cutting-edge POD technology, operators can accurately manage pressure and power, optimising airflow circuits without the necessity of Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control. The seamless integration with Ventilation On Demand (VOD), mine communication systems and ancillary products like Minetek Louvres provides a responsive solution, optimising performance, reducing power consumption costs, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. 


Minetek Ventilation


Committed to aiding our clients in attaining sustainable ventilation management outcomes, Minetek offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your mining operations. If you’re interested in learning more about how our ventilation solutions can enhance the air quality of your mine operations, kindly leave your details below. 

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