Our Solutions

Since 1984, MINETEK AIR has been delivering innovative, modular air mining management solutions for underground miners. Our world-class range is proven to deliver increased productivity and reduce operating costs, all with the flexibility to control delivery of air when and where it’s needed.

Talk to our team today about:

  • Primary Ventilation Systems
  • Secondary Auxiliary Fans & Ventilation
  • High Output (HO) Technology
  • Booster/Intake Fans
  • Multiple Heading Ventilation
  • Bulkhead Fans
  • Long Duct Runs
  • Tunnel & Development Fans
MINETEK WATER offers the world’s largest and most cost-effective range of mechanical water evaporation and water quality management technologies, designed to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Our mobile, flexible solutions have been scientifically proven in the most challenging industrial landscapes around the world, enabling operators focus on production and profitability.

Talk to our team today about:

  • Mine Dewatering
  • Ash Pond Dewatering
  • Tailings Water Recovery
  • Acid Mine Drainage
  • Evaporation Management Systems (EMS)

MINETEK SOUND is a globally recognized leader in the provision of sound attenuation and noise management solutions enabling OEM’s and mining operations have the world’s quietest machinery. With over 1200 mining machines attenuated, our proven mining management solutions are designed to maintain productivity and minimize the impact on operators and maintenance teams.

Talk to the MINETEK SOUND team about:

  • Sound Testing & Visualisation
  • Mobile Fleet Screen Testing
  • Intensity Testing
  • Operator Noise Exposure Testing
  • Acoustic eTest Chamber
  • Sound Suppression Packages
  • Onsite Acoustic Analysis
  • Sound Attenuation Components
  • Refurbishment & Repair
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