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Find Out How We Halved Noise And Doubled Production.

New Acland has stood as a testament to resilience and commitment in the face of stringent noise regulations for over a decade. Numerous challenges have marked the journey, but the unwavering dedication of the New Hope Group to meet and surpass community expectations has been nothing short of remarkable. Their heavy investments in innovative solutions and proactive public relations initiatives have set them apart in the mining industry.

At the heart of this journey stands Minetek, a trusted partner that has enabled New Acland to maintain sustainable operations around the clock, ensuring the mine's longevity and profitability.

Why did New Acland Mine choose Minetek?

New Hope Group's meticulous research led them to explore various sound suppression solutions in the market. Reputation, quality, and proven results were non-negotiable criteria for the New Acland team. Given the sensitivity of their operations, they needed an established provider capable of ensuring compliance with the strictest community and mining operation standards.

Recognising the importance of this decision, the New Acland team conducted extensive site visits to mining operations already benefiting from Minetek solutions. The resounding endorsement of Minetek as an innovative and reliable solution provider in this specialised field solidified their choice.

Sound Attenuated Mining Vehicles

New Acland Coal Mine

In January 2011, Minetek and New Acland Coal commenced a partnership that would redefine noise management in mining. The initial phase involved an exhaustive site analysis, including all fixed and mobile machinery and plant equipment. Over four weeks, Minetek's dedicated team worked tirelessly, even during weekends and nights, to minimise disruptions to New Acland Coal's day-to-day operations.

The comprehensive analysis involved detailed discussions with maintenance, environmental, and management groups. Minetek spent countless hours collaborating with the New Acland team to ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements before installing sound packages. This meticulous approach guaranteed that every solution was effective and tailored to meet the unique needs of the operational team at New Acland Coal.


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