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CASE STUDY: 29Metals


Golden Grove Mine owned by 29Metals is situated in the mid-west region of Western Australia, 450km northeast of Perth. This high-grade copper, gold, zinc, lead and silver mine is positioned on the first quartile of the global copper cost curve and is a long-life producing asset with a current mine life of 10 years. The original deposit was discovered in 1971 with mining operations beginning in 1989. Golden Grove, formally known as Goassan hill consists of both open pit and underground mines.

29Metals reached out to MINETEK with the challenge of meeting their life of mine ventilation targets. A few ideas in mind, however, they weren’t sure how to make them a reality. Originally, 29Metals wanted to convert an old underground fan and use it on the surface. However, after planning and further research, this proved to be too costly and time-consuming.​

MINETEK has been able to support Golden Grove Mine by providing a unique patented ventilation solution using two vertical fans, delivered within a tight time frame. This allowed operations to meet and exceed development targets, minimize shutdowns and reduce operational and energy costs.


The site needed the solution engineered to meet their life of mine targets. ​MINETEK were agile and worked closely with 29Metals & Golden Grove Mine, to provide a turnkey ventilation solution to meet all future requirements. 

MINETEK’s solution of two new fans wound up being both more affordable and a better long term solution to meet their life of mine ventilation targets. We wound up installing 2 x 2200m new vertical axial fans in parallel and the results have been impressive! This turn-key package includes the supply of 2 x axial fans, a newly fabricated shaft top adaptor and an MCC switch room, including both installation and commissioning.

The solution involved a bespoke design to utilize the Minetek VA series fan with the POD technology. The flow regulation technology without the need for VSD infrastructure, allows gradual ramp-up to meet ventilation requirements over the life of mine, optimizing performance and efficiencies. Our POD system (power, performance & pressure on demand) ensures that these fans are always running at peak efficiency, no matter what conditions they’re facing. Our engineering capabilities exceeded the client’s expectations, with end to end support including commissioning, supply, installation and ongoing support.

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