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CASE STUDY: 29Metals


Golden Grove Mine owned by 29Metals is situated in the mid-west region of Western Australia, 450km northeast of Perth. This high-grade copper, gold, zinc, lead and silver mine is a long-life producing asset with a current mine life of 10 years. The original deposit was discovered in 1971 with mining operations beginning in 1989. Golden Grove, formally known as Goassan hill consists of both open pit and underground mines.

29Metals reached out to Minetek for a solution to achieve their short-term ventilation needs whilst also implementing a system that would be capable of achieving their long-term goals. With strict project limitations around infrastructure and power constraints, Minetek needed to achieve specific targets whilst also offering a solution that could provide operational savings for their business.

Minetek has been able to support Golden Grove Mine by providing a ventilation solution around their tight infrastructure while still delivering an airflow that would meet and exceed their needs for the foreseeable future. This allowed Golden Grove operations to meet and exceed development targets, minimise shutdowns and reduce operational and energy costs.

Minetek solution for Golden Grove Mine

The site needed the solution engineered to meet both their short and long-term ventilation requirements and life-of-mine targets. ​Minetek worked closely with 29Metals & Golden Grove Engineers, to provide a turnkey ventilation solution within their electrical capacity to meet all future requirements. ​

Minetek supplied 2 x 1770mm large Primary Booster Fans with a supporting electrical substation and soft starters. Both the motor and soft starter on the Primary Booster Fans have an output rating of 560kW and work within the electrical supply capacity limitations. Our Anti-Stall Chamber prevents the aerodynamic phenomenon of a stall, which occurs when a fan operates beyond its performance limits and flow separation occurs around the blade (air bubble is formed). The Minetek Anti-Stall Chamber does not allow the stall bubble to form by constantly peeling air through the impellor.

Minetek’s Primary Booster Fans are fitted with our patented POD technology. This technology regulates airflow regulation without the need for VSD infrastructure and allows gradual ramp-up to meet ventilation requirements over the life of mine, optimising performance and efficiencies. Our POD system (power, performance & pressure on demand) ensures that these fans are always running at peak efficiency, no matter what conditions they’re facing. Our engineering capabilities ensured end-to-end support including commissioning, supply, installation and ongoing support.

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Kipoi have successfully utilized MINETEK WATER evaporators on our process water pond to remove mine water and has contributed to help with our water balance. We are currently in the process of moving these units to where the catchment area is larger giving us better utilization of the evaporators.

Tiger Resources Process Superintendent

We found the MINETEK WATER team listened and supported our situation with helpful guidance and advice to layout the evaporator pipework maximising their efficiency. I would highly recommend the units to others needing a cost effective solution to excess water.”

Osborne Gold Mine Superintendent Environment

MINETEK will continue to be a favoured technical resource and supplier to the New Hope Group and are recommended as a professional, respected and competent supplier of technical services, equipment and products for noise abatement and other industrial products.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent

It was completed with no incidents or injuries, with no delays, and ahead of schedule. The plan was for 10 shifts, and it was completed in 7 shifts.

Northern Goldfields Mining Manager

MINETEK initially provided products for heavy mobile equipment noise abatement at the New Acland Mine. These installations have been very successful and prompted the contracting of MINETEK to conduct a full mobile fleet and fixed plant noise monitoring assessment at the Acland mine site.

New Hope Group Project Superintendent
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