The five key lessons learned in implementing a mining water evaporation solution.

Duane Thompson

Ed Kelleher

Camilo Martinez


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Wednesday, 8th September 2021
2:00 - 3:00pm Mountain Standard Time


Water evaporation offers immense value when compared to traditional methods of water management. A regular feature in most water management plans; conventional tailings storage and management facilities (TSF) are often laden with significant upfront and ongoing costs.

Water evaporation can assist in achieving economic and environmental sustainability. It offers an innovative approach to water management that can reduce the overall operating costs by up to 50%, as well as reduce the size of tailings or storage dams, defer TSF lifts, or altogether eliminate the need to construct new dams.

Join key speaker Duane Thompson, Head of Water MINETEK, and special guests Ed Kelleher, Director of Environment and Camilo Martinez, Environment Technical Manager from Lundin Mining Corporation, for: Mine Water Management; The five key lessons learned in implementing a mining water evaporation solution.

This informative session will probe the five key lessons learned during the project. Facilitated by MINETEK WATER Regional Manager, Tom Wiggins, this interactive webcast is a must for those responsible for planning, managing and water circuits in industrial settings and will explore key operational themes including, safety and regulatory compliance as well as operational impacts and environmental considerations.

Our speakers, with over 50 years combined experience in the industry will discuss the recent implementation of a water evaporation system at Lundin Mining site.

The webinar will give practical insights to the following key areas:

  • Education: understanding water evaporation systems
  • Selection: comparing water evaporation to other solutions in the market
  • Performance: assessing the capability of water evaporation systems
  • Application: engineering and installing a new system
  • Outcome: evaluating the results

Who should attend? This webinar will explore water management solutions relevant to Mine Managers, Maintenance Managers, Environment Managers, Engineering Manager.



Duane Thompson
Head of Water Division

Duane Thompson, Head of the Water Division at MINETEK, has over ten years’ experience in water management systems. As an industry expert, Duane has worked collaboratively with a number of sites to craft solutions to unique water management challenges across the world. Duane will be the key speaker and subject matter expert on MINETEK’s water evaporation technology and systems.

Ed Kelleher
Director of Environment
Lundin Mining Corporation

Ed Kelleher, Director Environment, Lundin Mining Corporation is a driven professional with over 20 years’ experience in the environmental industry, focusing on the extractive sector. Ed is passionate about reducing the environmental footprint through better water management, waste management, socio-environmental assessment and monitoring and overall improved risk-management. Ed drives teams to think strategically and be receptive to change; to welcome new technologies and approaches to addressing respective environmental challenges.

Camilo Martinez
Environmental Technical Manager
Lundin Mining Corporation

Camilo Martinez, Environmental Technical Manager, Lundin Mining Corporation has over 20 years’ experience in the environmental sciences sector, with a background in geological engineering, hydrogeology and applied geophysics. Camilo has worked with several large organizations including BP, York University, Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

MINETEK WATER is a global industrial solutions provider with decades of experience in helping mining, power generation, oil & gas and other industry leaders achieve environmentally sustainable water management outcomes, enabling safe, compliant and profitable operations.

We offer the world’s largest and most cost-effective range of mechanical water evaporation and water quality management technologies designed to reduce risk and ensure compliance. Our mobile, flexible solutions have been scientifically proven in the most challenging industrial landscapes around the world, enabling operators to focus on production and profitability.


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