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In all Mining applications, from hard rock to soft metals, in both underground and above surface operations, MINETEK WATER has built a name delivering leading water evaporation and water management solutions. We have built extensive experience in managing process and contaminated water in the most challenging conditions; from the humid tropics to arid desert operations and managed excess water waste water by-products in gold, copper, zinc, coal, cobalt and oil sands mines.


Water Evaporation System

Coal-fired Power Station, USA
Coal-fired Power Station, USA

MINETEK was commissioned to design and supply within weeks a complete turnkey package to be fully operating 24 hours per day, evaporating large volumes.

Solution and Results:

MINETEK team successfully designed, manufactured, and installed a 316L stainless steel construction with eight (8) evaporator units and a heavy-duty pumping system that was fully automated and integrated into the power plant’s operating system. MINETEK project specialists provided installation support and worked with the Power Plant personnel to successfully commission the system.

QLD Government, Australia

The Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines is responsible for the rehabilitation, care, and maintenance of the world-famous and historic Mount Morgan mine near Rockhampton in Queensland. They needed an evaporation water system for a specific volume per day from the Mount Morgan pit.


MINETEK were engaged to design, manufacture, and install a large-scale three-unit water evaporation system at the abandoned Mt Morgan pit in an effort to manage water levels and reduce the risk of unplanned discharges into the Dee River, thus removing the potential impact on the environment.

Solution and Results:

After weather modeling and installation-location assessment, MINETEK designed and supplied all aspects of the turnkey system including evaporators, transformers, pumps, pipework, electrical control centre, and cables, and commissioned and trained local maintenance teams. The Mt Morgan system forms a crucial part of the water management plan and has been efficiently operating now for over four years.

Water Evaporation System

QLD Government, Australia


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Join us for MINEXPO 2021 REGISTER TODAY: MINETEK uses innovative technology to improve water management in the mining sector. Globally renowned for our ‘world-first’ approach, MINETEK’s extensive experience, superior quality, and unrivaled competitiveness position us as industry leaders. Our results:  Our water evaporation solutions can reduce overall operating costs by...

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FEATURE DOWNLOAD: Mitigating Hydro-Economic Impactors on Industrial Operations The effective management of water within industrial processes is critical to achieving operational efficiency, with hydro-economic impactors weighing heavily on the ability for industries to achieve safety, profitability and sustainability objectives. MINETEK understands the need to manage process and produced water throughout...



Explore our most recent success stories outlining how we have helped mining and industrial leaders achieve their operating objectives.


Across more than 1,200 installations we’ve proven ourselves as a global leader in the provision of advanced sound management solutions.

Engineering Capabilities

MINETEK’s flexibility to adapt our solutions to meet the most challenging operating environments in the world is stemmed from deep-domain experience and the backing of a highly-skilled engineering team.


MINETEK’s experience and innovative technology help us identify significant noise sources and measure the exposure levels. Reducing noise levels on machinery provides the most effective way of protecting workers’ hearing and improving operating conditions.


Our experienced, quality driven team help industry achieve success in underground air quality, water evaporation and waste-water management and machine sound attenuation. Our proven products and services enable our partners to achieve safe, reliable, environmentally sustainable operations.

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