Extending mine viability through sound attenuation.

Extending mine viability through sound attenuation.

MINETEK SOUND launches a new Industrial Solution video detailing a ten-year partnership with a Queensland mining operation.

ACLAND, Queensland, Australia. 5th June, 2021: MINETEK SOUND today launched a new Industrial Solution video which details a ten-year partnership with Queensland-based New Acland Coal. The video explores the decade-long journey which has delivered reduced noise output, increased availability and improved profitability for the open-cut coal operation.

Part of the New Hope Group, New Acland mine had faced challenging operating conditions with community noise  expectations limiting the company’s ability to operate machinery outside strict time and weather stipulations.

Robert Trapp, Senior Planning Manager at New Acland Coal, stated that the limitations placed the mine’s long-term viability in question, however partnering with MINETEK SOUND had enabled the site to achieve its operational targets despite the strict conditions.

Over the years, MINETEK SOUND has provided sound testing and attenuation solutions across a range of plant including trucks, loaders and even pumps on the site. With highly sensitive sound measuring equipment in place across the site and also in the nearby township of Acland, managing noise through an effective sound management programme was the only way to enable the mine’s continued sustainability.

MINETEK SOUND Group Sales Manager, Richard McAlpin, stated the partnership was, “a brilliant example of shared company values in action with a focus on driving innovation and delivering quality outcomes.” McAlpin continued, “We have worked closely with the team at New Acland to really understand their operating objectives and develop solutions that keep their plant within the stipulated requirements. In doing so, we have been able to help improve profitability for the New Hope Group and support the continued employment of hundreds of employees in the region.”

Although the site is set to cease operations late in 2021, the success of the partnership will remain as a reflection of MINETEK SOUND’s ability to deliver sound solutions which truly add value.

The new video is now live at Minetek Sound – Resources.

Extending mine viability through sound attenuation.
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